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Rave Reviews

My experience coming to Byrum Family Dentistry for my dental care has been wonderful. Being a diabetic for 49 years (having difficulty with my teeth), Dr. Byrum has given me a new smile and a healthier set of teeth. The staff are professional, helpful, and very nice.


My husband had lost 6 upper front teeth. Without the crowns and other restorations, he wouldn't be able to smile. Now he has a nice smile and pain free teeth that allow him to eat anything he wants.


I am very pleased with the job that Byrum Family Dentistry did with my husband's and my dentures. We have had many compliments. They are very comfortable and give us a beautiful smile, which is what I wanted. For the first time in a long while, my husband smiles, and oh, what a smile!


I have been coming to Byrum Family Dentistry for years and the doctors and staff are great. I used to dread coming to the dentist office, but Dr. Byrum makes you feel at ease and can do things now (technology) that were not an option just a few years ago. Going to the dentist is not like it used to be when I was a kid! It doesn't have to be painful.


I've been coming to Byrum Family Dentistry for quite a few years now and they have always done a great job. He is for sure a perfectionist and I never have to worry about anything looking bad when I leave. Also, he is very easy to talk to and explains what is being done and why. I have always felt very comfortable when I come here for any procedure and I have had a lot done and been truly happy with their work.


I'm extremely pleased with my new teeth. I had three sets of crowns and bridge work and my four front teeth crowned. Byrum Family Dentistry worked with me to create the best way to achieve the results I wanted. I still receive compliments on my bright smile almost a year later.


The professional, friendly, caring staff at Byrum Family Dentistry is ready and willing to help you out. Dr. Byrum is dedicated to provide a high quality work product. He takes great pride in his work. He is truly concerned that the finished product is top quailty and not just getting the job done. Dr. Byrum uses high tech equipment and is willing to use the latest technology. I have heard that Dr. Byrum is the Michelangelo of teeth. I can now see how this is true, he makes an art of sculpting your teeth both for a perfect fit and match.


The lower denture and implants were one of the best senior decisions I have ever made and I'm 80 years old! Cheeseburgers taste twice as good now. As far as the expense goes, expense is expense, but it was a good move anyway.

- Lewis E. Laughead 4/26/07 (Permission obtained to publish full names)

My Byrum Family Dentistry Experience

My name is Casey Hopping, I am 43 years old, and here is my special story.

To start this story, we will have to begin with the day I was born. I came into this world with a cleft palate and two very special parents who spent the next sixteen years at hospitals and specialists. My parents both sacrificed many things to take care of my special needs and surgeries. I will never be able to thank my parents for everything the way I would like to, because as each day goes by and I become more mature and appreciative, I realize how much they loved me just the way I was. There were times when I did not quite understand that they could love me for who I was. Because at times, I hated who I was because of the cleft palate. Through all of my life I always smiled with my mouth closed. When someone would say family picture time at holiday gatherings, I would cringe. All of this has changed a great deal since last year, January 22, 2007, to today, January 8, 2008. This is the time that I have spent with the wonderful staff and Robert Byrum of Robert Byrum, D.D.S., P.C. We started off with a consultation and a whole lot of bad and missing teeth, and today, almost a full year later, I have a complete bottom front bridge, reconstructed bottom teeth, and an upper denture. I would like to personally thank all of the staff and Dr. Byrum for their personal and professional support through this life-changing adventure. We had some lengthy visits and I remember everyone being concerned with my well-being, asking me how much I would like to accomplish on each appointment, and me replying I am willing to do as much on each visit as the doctor is able to do! My cleft palate did throw a few challenges at Dr. Byrum (who by the way is a perfectionist that I respect highly for that quality) when it came to us making the upper denture, but, as everything else we set out to accomplish, we were able to get this task to work remarkably. Everyone was always helpful and supportive during all of my procedures, and I will always recommend this fine group of individuals to anyone I meet who may be looking to improve their dental health and appearance. For now my biggest task is to learn how to smile with my mouth open to show off the smile that I am now very, very happy with! Also, as I mentioned earlier, I could never thank my parents enough for all their love and support. That is because at earlier than normal ages I have lost both of my parents due to illnesses. But I do know that somewhere they do know how much I realize everything they went through to get me to this stage of my life. It is all these things in life that I do not take for granted that make me thankful for having special friends and people in my life like the ones at Byrum Dentistry. Thanks also to my wife Theresa for being there for me through everything.


Casey and Theresa Hopping (Permission obtained to publish full names)